La Traviata. Giuseppe Verdi opera in 3 acts, 4 scenes libretto: Francesco Maria Piave after Alexander Dumas Jr. A1-Preludio. Prelude A room in Violetta’s house . La traviata, opera containing the Italian text, with an English translation, and the music of all the principal airs. [Libretto by Francesco Maria. Violetta Valéry knows that she will die soon, exhausted by her restless life as a courtesan. At a party she is introduced to Alfredo Germont, who has been.

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La Traviata Libretto A1 – Preludio.

A7 – Violetta — Follie! La mia memoria A13 – Violetta — Dammi tu forza, o cielo! Or tutti a me… Ogna suo aver B3 – Germont — De sprezzo degno. Act 3 B4 libretoo Violetta — Annina? B8 – Alfredo, Violetta — Parigi, o cara… Ah! It was interesting especially because of the society reasons. He was so encharmed with her that he forgot about his strict rules and squandered his money. His financial status forced him to leave her.

But after her death she died of tuberculosis in the age of 23his feeling flared up again. He dedicated one of his best romances to her — at first as a novel and later as a theatrical performance. Verdi was very brave to choose this romance for his new libretto.

In sinful Paris the story had a taste of hraviata, in religious Italy it was a scandal. The first performance was a failure. The courtesan Violetta lives together with Alfredo because she wants to have a family after the years of loneliness. She agrees to leave him only after rtaviata has been convinced by his father that it is for his own good. She sacrifices her llibreto to rescue the family of her beloved. Their duet in which Violetta asks for holding her tight just as a father holds his daughter is the central part of the opera.

After the failure Verdi changed his work a little bit. He placed it at the beginning of XIXth century and he changed the title: This time, in Venece, it was travata success and only a year later! For example, libretp synopsis: There are many popular parts in this opera, especially including a duet “Libiamo”! Paris, the second half of XIXth century.


La traviata

A beautiful courtesan Violetta abandons her happy but empty life and binds with s young nobleman Alfred Germont. His father demands that Violetta leaves, because this relationship disgraces the Germont family. Abandoned by everybody, poor and ill, Violetta is dying all alone. In her last moments the Germonts arrive — Alfred found out about everything and begs her to forgive him.

Act I Violetta, a consumptive courtesan, falls in love with Alfredo.

Act II Scene 1: Alfredo’s father convinces Violetta that she must leave him for the honor of the family. Alfredo publicly insults Violetta at a party.

The guests are shocked. Paris and environs, around La Traviata.

La Traviata

Giuseppe Verdi opera in 3 acts, 4 scenes libretto: Violetta is seated on a sofa talking to the Doctor and some other friends, who come and go. Some of the guests turn to meet a group of new arrivals, amongst whom are the baron and Flora, on the arm of the Marquis. ALL Yes, pleasure adds zest to life.

Gaston, Vicomte de Letorieres, llbreto with Alfredo. The servants prepare the table. The servants, meanwhile, have laid the supper table.

The servant nods assent. But why should you? The Baron shakes his head. ALL Yes, yes, a drinking song! You put heart into me. Let us enjoy life, For the pleasures of love are swift and fleeting As a flower that lives and dies And can be enjoyed no more.

While its ardent, Brilliant summons lures us on. Music is heard traviatz other room. A4 – Tutti — Che e cio? ALL Oh, what a pleasant thought! The guests move towards the centre door, but Violetta turns suddenly pale. She takes a few steps ALL Why do you linger? She is obliged to sit down. She indicates the other room But go along.

ALL If you say so. They all go into the other room except libeto Alfredo. She turns to Alfredo You here!

You should take more care of your health. Who cares what happens to me? But all the same, you have a heart.

Metropolitan Opera | La Traviata

Why do you ask? One happy day You flashed lightly into my life; And since then I lived In tremulous possession Of that unspoken love, The pulse of trabiata whole world, Mysterious, unattainable, The torment and delight of my heart. Friendship is all I can offer you. What he devil are you up to? Is that a promise?


Verdi: Traviata

She takes a flower from her corsage. All others come in from the trafiata flushed with dancing. The town is still a-revelling; Pleasure rolls on its way. They got out, right. A6 – Violetta — E strano! Those words are carved upon my heart!

Would true love bring me misfortune? What do you think, o my troubled spirit? No man before kindled a flame like this. Oh, joy… I never knew… To love and be loved! Can I disdain this For a life of sterile pleasure? Was this the man my heart, Alone in a crowd, Delighted many librwto to paint In vague, mysterious colours?

This man so watchful yet retiring, Who haunted my sick-bed And turned my fever Into a burning flame of love! That love, The pulse of the whole world, Mysterious, unattainable, The torment and delight of my heart. A poor, lonely woman Abandoned in this teeming desert They call Paris!

What can I hope? What should I do? Purge into the traviaata Of pleasure and drown there! As each day dawns, As each day dies, Gaily I turn to new delights That make my spirit soar. A ground floor room.

With her beside me, I feel myself reborn, Revived by the breath of love, Forgetting the past in present delights. Annina, where have you been? How much do we need? A10 – Alfredo — O mio rimorso! And I lived so mistaken!

Bu the truth, like a flash! Has broken my base sleep! For a little while be calm in my breast, Oh, cry of honour; In me you shall have a sure avenger; I shall was away this infamy!

Violetta enters with libreeto papers in her hand, talking to Annina. Behind them is Giuseppe. In a little while A man will be coming on business. Show him in at once. Annina and Giuseppe go out.