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LSD Lambo Style Doors is the ultimate product within the scene to modify any vehicle into an awesome dream car LSD is the first worldwide brand to offer a complete engineered program of vehiclespecific Lambo Style Door systems.

Team Orion Katalog – Planet-RC Modellbau Racing Shop

The system enables you to open the door like the original diva from Lambo! According to the highest safety standards in Germany and the one and only certified product in the world is available from LSD. Side impact test for Lambo Style Doors delivers impressive safety evidence DEKRA-tested in kjosho with R95 and ECE directive Any misgivings about safety can be entirely dispelled The requirements of the applicable directives on car manufacturers are fully met.

Test confirms occupant protection and ease of rescue. Made in Germany quality The side impact test proved it: The patented LSD hinge system offers optimum safety in katalogg event of a side impact.

Dealer catalogue LSD Katalog 2015.indd :36

A vehicle equipped with LSD doors offers the necessary protection and guarantees optimum safety for its occupants. The stress loads on occupant dummies actually fall short of the maximum permitted values.

Optimum safety for the occupants The side impact test impressively demonstrates the extreme loads to which components and occupants are exposed.

Then this barrier is caused to kgosho laterally on the driver s side of the vehicle. At the wheel sits a dummy, model Euro – SID 1, equipped with sensors and connected to measuring instruments. The doors did not open during the impact. Kyosno of rescue The rescue of the occupants also satisfied the EU directive to its full extent. Rescue through the passenger door was effected with no difficulty, and without the assistance of any tools.

On the driver s side it was still possible to swing the door open in an upward direction, as a result of the LSD hinge mechanism. This means that in the event of a serious accident it kyoshp be possible to effect the rescue of the occupants kysho more swiftly.

Made in Germany quality In contrast to other retrofit kits for Lambo Style Doors, the LSD door fittings, Made in Germany, are impressive due to their highly developed technology and the highest possible quality standards. The certificate recording the award of a patent, nofor the LSD hinge fittings was issued in November The period covered by this patent is 20 years from the date of registration 14 May The door fittings designed on the vehicle and on the computer are produced by the latest high-tech machines, and are subjected to a strict testing process before the components are assembled and carefully packaged, and the finished products leave the modern factory.

CAD simulation The loads and stresses that occur can be simulated on the computer, and the fittings can be appropriately modified and strengthened. Tensile force comparison The strength of the fittings simulated on the computer is checked on the test rig in a tensile strength test in compliance with ECE directives.


Workshop Installation experiments on the vehicle are an essential requirement to ensure optimum functionality of the vehicle-specific solutions.

Welding After cutting, all welding parts are welded in our own welding shop. Coating After welding, the LSD hinges will be powder-coated in our state-ofart coating plant.

Assembly The nickel-plated fittings and sub-assemblies are assembled, pre-adjusted and tested to ensure that they work properly.

Packing The door fittings, associated accessories and documentation are foam packed. This enables safe and secure transportation. Logistik State-of-the-art logistic procedures ensure that the products pass through all the elements of the production process as quickly as possible, and normally leave the plant on the day of the order. Scope of delivery Two completely pre-assembled LSD hinges including gas springs, complete installation and attachment materials, cable extension, insulated cable ties, waterproof insulating tape, cable clips, comprehensive installation instructions, parts certificates, LSD logos.

modelissimo | eBay Stores

Installation Basics shown below on Nissan Z: Disassemble the swing arm from the chassis plate. Remove factory door hinge from A pillar and install the LSD chassis plate into original bolt holes. Remove factory hinge from door and bolt on LSD swing arm. Extend your wire harness if necessary with supplied extension kit then mate and bolt the swingarm to the LSD chassis plate. Mount the gas damper and adjust the door to finalize the install. All doors up with LSD Give your ride wings in 3 easy steps!

Thanks to the unique patented Solution and the vehicle specific engineering, LSD has become the benchmark for the safe and ready to install solution With the new LSD door hinges the door is opened outwards as usual.

Then it can be opened easily upwards with the support of the gas spring. Because of an exactly adjustable mechanism this action is secured.

Closing the door in the opposite way is also secured and uncomplicated due to the patent pending Magic Stick technology. The Magic Stick secures itself into the socket and stops the door from dropping any further from the closing position. It is centering and adjusting the door before it will be locked in the original door lock.

Base plate and pivot arm Laser-cut from high-strength steel Defined slots for height and depth adjustment part of the 3-dimensional door adjustment Galvanised surface finish LSD Basic 2.

Technology The C-profile aluminium pivot arm connection attached to the base plate can be repositioned in a longitudinal direction to adjust the gap dimensions, replacing the standard top door hinge The door first opens out as usual, up to an angle of 30, around the vertical axis of the C-profile depending on the vehicle model. In the CNC-milled pivot bearing seat there is a special ball bearing in the horizontal axis, by means of which the door is then pivoted upward in LSD style.

The applications LSD GRS Guided Roller System ensure that the entire motion sequence of the pivot arm is guided in every position by the 2-dimensional adjustment option of the roller bearing, in order to guarantee the precise opening and closing of the door. This upper adjustment guarantees an additional stabilization of the opened door.

Patented safety locking When the door is closed into the original lock, an interlocking connection is created between the LSD base plate and the pivot arm.

The two patented features Magic Stick and side impact locking thus form a unique replacement for the original bottom door hinge. In the event of an accident, these components guarantee the safety of the occu Function LSD basic Magic Stick Technology When the door is closed, at the end of the downward motion the Magic Stick positions itself in a vertically aligned, sound absorbing polyamide seat. The stabiliser can be adjusted in length to adapt to the 3-dimensional adjustment options.


The seating for the stabiliser has the necessary depth adjustment, ensuring that the door is also neatly closed and airtight. In just one smooth movement, the LamboStyleDoors open upwards and stop gently with the assistance of a damping gas spring.

The new curved track design assists in a smooth fluid closing motion of the door and precise locking of the door Base plate and pivot arm 2. Patented safety locking 5. Swing arm with ball caster 2. Vehicle-specific gas springs Comes in a new, improved version. Our Gas Dampers assist in providi ng a smooth, fluid-like motion throughout the full cycle of lifting or lowering your vehicles doors. Drop in Ambient Temperature cools the nitrogen gas inside the shock chamber making it denser and decreasing the amount of energy or power of the Gas Damper.

Increase in Ambient Temperature, warms the nitrogen inside the chamber making it less dense and gradually increasing the amount of energy or power of the Gas Damper. If you have installed any additional equipment on your doors, such as extra heavy speakers, electronic equipment, body kits, etc.

All important car measurements have been considered and therefore no application is similar to one another. Vehicle; type Model Year Part No. LSD Lambo Style Doors are the ultimate step to create that show winning vehicle you always dreamed about. Realize your fantasies with LSD Stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

Version 01 Valid from Description Information to fit: RS4 Audi: Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, CA Tel. Diagnostic software update Delphi is constantly updating the content of its Diagnostic tools by adding new vehicles as they are launched and building on the functionality of existing applications.

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How do my car s hub bearings affect braking safety? Your car s hub bearings include the. Run-flat tires RLX Exterior design Headlight trims Small, but striking. The Purest Key to Success: Table of Contents acura City Fiat Panda 1.


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