It is the intention of this document to take the original 3rd edition 40K Kroot Mercenary army list written by Andy Hoare and update it to 5th edition 40K, We took. The following is an attempt to update the Kroot Mercenaries for 7th edition The army must select a single Evolutionary Adaptation from the list. as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and beyond. Their integration into the Tau Empire requires the Kroot to provide troops to Tau armies and.

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GW has done something very odd with both Kroot and Mechanicum ranges; and I think something is up….

We all lament the sad tale of the Squats. GW said never again would another range be removed from the game and they have stuck to their word. Hey everybody, remember Kroot Mercenaries? They used to have an entire armylist back in 4th Edition and had a pretty solid range of ForgeWorld minis that hit the scene with The Taros Campaign book back in The Kroot used to have a full featured army back in the day, and a Forge World range full of the rare stuff like Knarloc riders, Great Knarlocs and more.


It was a very cool low tech army — that rounded out the Xenos options. Best of all — hey they were Mercenaries who traveled the galaxy — so you could shoehorn them into almost any type of campaign or setting. Then 8th Edition arrived and they were missing. No mention of them from the Forge World books — which is very odd as the launch Index books included all kinds of rare stuff like the 30th Anniversary Imperial Marine and the Primaris Rhino.

Now the non-Forge World Kroot Army list had been long gone and was mostly based on conversions of the Kroot Carnivores kit — but still — it was very odd that all the Knarlocs got the cold shoulder.

Moving on we reach maybe the odder of the two cases. The quite large and impressive Forge World range of Mechanicum models that are restricted to the Horus Heresy setting.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

With Adeptus Mechanicus just getting lisg new shiny codex — everyone was hoping for a transport, and some new tanks. Over on the 30K side of things we have everything a 40K Ad-Mech player could ever dream of.

From transports like the Triaros up there, to tons of Robots, new infantry like the Thallax — all the way up to the big Lords of War like the Ordinatus. An automoton for every budget…. Kroot Mercs are a force who needs to return. I can see why GW might not want to release a faction that is mostly Forge World and conversion based, but there should be no problem just allowing the Knarlocs as Tau units.


First army list, counts as Kroot Mercenaries

There have been whispers of a White Dwarf return of the Kroot Mercs list and GW has been hinting at new xenos of late. This is just literally lost revenue for GW. The plastic Ad Mech range is a little light and the unit roles of the large Mechanicum range fit the bill perfectly.

Almost every other 30K unit has a 40K rules counterpart. I say let the funky units come over and play. Search anything and hit enter. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter.