KID1 or. The russian types are either or , high serial numbers are , I also have some data- sheets for the different types. how a Russian KID1 () BCD-Decimal decoder or a 74HC 8-bit You can. Simplifies driving Nixie tubes. Brand new Russian ICs, U.S. equivalents with overrange digit blanking. ENGLISH DATASHEET: DATASHEET PAGE 1.

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I sat down and sketched a “super simple” driver- testing circuit to test them all.

I also have russian types and “unknown” of which I have no idea if they are or Check the different truth- charts!!!

Truth Table for the, A and B Chip. Remenber that te russian types are marked like this orange!

The russian types are either orhigh serial numbers arelow serial numbers are The russian types have high “off” voltage approx Vso the efficiency is much better, and the “Blue Spot” problem can not occur e. This one I got from Jan: Ok, lets go to the Sketch I made for my tester.


Reading Datasheets and Driving Nixie Tubes

It’s so simple, that there is nearly nothing to explain. On the right side you also see 10 transistors which only have the job to drive the LEDs and the inputs of the controller.

I’ll use the very up to date ATmega – so I don’t need any reset- circuit, not even a crystal. The button switch switches between the daatsheet test modes I’ll explain later and finally the 3 LEDs show the test results. The ATmega is totally cool!!!

I will use it for all my clocks in the next future because you need no other parts around it! You only have to put in the test-IC. When the green LED lights up, it’s a good When the yellow LED lights up, it’s a good When holding the button for longer than one second you come back to the free- running mode. I got many hints from the Neonixies Gang that in some cases a defective may leak at the outputs.

I never took used for my project, so I haven’t thought about that this also can happen. I had to change my circuit to this second revision, that works with a ZM.


The ZM k155ld1 is driven with 2mA current.

The V plus tube and resistors with the voltage dividers make it possible to detect k155id1 too high leakage current in case the IC is defective. Moreover I have a good control with the tube whether the test- IC really works. So I added a IC.

Reading Datasheets and Driving Nixie Tubes |

My other projects took away a lot of time, so I decided to give it to a friend of mine to do the coding. Truth Table for theand A Chip. My friend did the coding this time had little time All are tested now.

I really find some old which don’t work or leak. I also found out what I wrote above in the section about the russian tubes. Please don’t ask me for chips. The ones I have I will k155id11 for my next projects.