Tang Soo Do Chon Kyong is a non-profit club. The club teaches classes in Schoonhoven and Nieuwpoort, Holland. Tang Soo Do is also called Korean Karate,is. We teach the WTF style poomsae. Kup Poomsae (Tae geuk). Name of Poomsae Number of Movements. Meaning. Tae Geuk Il Jang (pattern 1) Heaven and. This poomsae is characterized by its easiness in practicing, largely . of the earth Poomsae “Jitae” is the movement which supplies these features of the earth.

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Thanks for your comment and I am glad you liked it. The right hand can push the face on the way down making the application even pomse. In training on a hard floor my Dojang usually push the shoulder then grab it and help brace the fall of the partner you train with. Remember to take good care of your training partners: I do hope you are both safe and unharmed Amrullah. I am glad you liked the application though. D which took the damage on my behalf i always used to jokingly tell my friends “respect nokia, its not just a phone, its a weapon of self defense” my instructor occasionally conducts mock street-fighting sessions usually 3 against 1 the aim of these sessions is to take out fear of fighting rather than excelling in fighting against 3 people and this has helped me reduce my fear of fighting to some extent.


Hello fun to look at anothers apps for a form i am trying to memorize. I was only supposed to show the arm lock application from Funakoshi on the left but both pictures were one pomose On the right he demonstrates “Muchimi” or “Sticking”.

Taekwondo Black Belt Form – Jitae – Black Belt Wiki

It is not the whole application though. He uproots his opponent and lead their arms up and out, then he moves in and throws them by grapping both legs a tackle type throw.

Together like that the Funakoshi app is great, but take only the first movement in isolation and you will have to find another more effective app as you have: I am sure Richard will provide a better answer than me on the actuall application he is thinking of, but if you re-read his comment you will see that it has nothing to do with the ears.

It is simply a name of the technique or posture in the Yang Style Tai Chi form. It describes the movement since when you are alone you seem to be striking the opponents ears: I find the armbar joint lock application more plausible than the grappling one from Judo.

Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings: Practical Application from Poomsae Jitae

I just dont think the Koreans had a sweep in mind with the back stance and front kick. I really think the one you showed with Funikoshi is more plauisible and more like the movement of the poomsae. I am only 3rd dan but I know all poomsae up to Hansu because Polmse learned them on my own off of videos.


Why wait to learn forms? I dont see a point. Learn them now and master them now when you are young.

I am very glad that you found one of the Applications I provided useful: I personally like the self defense Version of the Judo sweep very Close to the military style demonstrated above but that is me: I will not say that they thought one way or another, but early Taekwondo had a strong Judo link, and the poomsd has been taught typecally in many Dojang as a self defense technique. This is a great post. I like this topic. This site has lots of advantage.


I found many interesting things from this site. It helps me in many ways.

Thanks for posting this again. I highly doubt that many who knows this Poomsae will ever read this post as it is one of the higher black belt Poomsae in the Kukkiwon system, but there might be some use to read it either way. We will look at something unique in Kukkiwon terms but which also appears in Karate “Kata”, older.

Practical application of Poomsae. Amrullah Zunzunia 5 February at Amrullah Zunzunia 6 February at Amrullah Zunzunia 8 February at WhiteDragonDojang 21 May at Unknown 29 August at Newer Post Older Post Home.