Jim Otar is a financial planner in Canada. He wrote a book Unveiling the Retirement Myth on retirement income planning: how to make your. (Part two of this review, Steve Thorpe’s compilation of the best advice and insights from Unveiling the Retirement Myth by Jim Otar, will run. In / there were a couple (or more) longish threads discussing Jim’s excellent book ‘Unveiling the Retirement Myth’ Recently Jim has.

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I’ve read unvdiling first few chapters of Otar’s “Unveiling The Retirement Myth” and have some serious misgivings.


I’m interested in hearing what others who have read this think, particularly whether things get better later on and he addresses these issues. The message I’ve gotten so far is that luck is the overriding determinant of a portfolio’s survivability. He devotes chapters to explaining why the other factors that the conventional wisdom says are important asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing, There are two major problems with his analysis.

An analysis of the other factors using a reasonable withdrawal rate jum have been much more meaningful, and I think that analyzing the conventional wisdom in the context of unconventional wisdom i.


Second, he is mixing a factor over which we have no control luck with factors over which we do have control asset allocation, retorement, rebalancing. But providing analysis using a withdrawal rate that is doomed to fail prevents him from showing the effect of the other factors.

Finally, in the chapter on rebalancing, he recommends rebalancing in presidential election years. This smacks of confusing correlation with causation, and he must know better than that.

This post will get some emotional responses, Nyth am sure! I’d guess that the majority of our members could be said to attend the virtual “Church of Otar” and think he can do no wrong, but I don’t care retirememt his book either.

For some reason, while I am reading along I keep wondering when he’ll start a sales pitch for annuities. I prefer other investment books that I have read. Some of those I like are included on the Bogleheads book list. You lost me at “I’ve read the first few chapters” Unless I misunderstood, you haven’t read the book in its entirety if I misunderstood, please forgive the misunderstanding.

I read all retiremebt the book more than a few times. It’s as valuable as any other book on retirement, particularly given its conservative stance.

It’s helped make me more conservative and safe, presumably as a result. Originally Posted by Options. I read the book earlier this year. I found it interesting, especially in that it contradicts some rules of thumb and accepted practices. I think it is useful that people understand especially those that have saved and planned for retirement according to “the rules” that a bad sequence of returns can lay waste to a good plan. I also found it interesting that he is much more likely than the average “expert” to recommend SPIAs.

I’m not saying all other advice should be thrown out in favor of Otar’s Finish the book and let us know your thoughts.

It is only used for illustrative purposes, so not to worry. The threads when the book was first known to the forum have some reviews. Here is one from I read the entire book and consider it another good perspective on retirement planning.


I think Jim Otar is a smart dude. I especially like the fact that he’s conservative.

Unveiling The Retirement Myth by Jim C. Otar

The reason he brought up annuities is for those people who don’t have enough assets to weather a period of “bad luck” investment returns. In those cases, he suggests offloading the risk to an insurance company in return for a guaranteed income stream. All that being said, I did not use his retirement planner. I did my own thing. BB code is On. Remarkable spread in stock Is the Bear Market Causing Anyone to If you have an Illinois Public Am I a “qualified trade or business” Going all in, anybody toar me?

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Which Roger Full time employment: Originally Posted by Options You lost me at “I’ve read the first few chapters” Give me a museum and I’ll fill it. Picasso Give me a forum Unveiling the Retirement Myth by Uvneiling Otar. Unveiling the Retirement Myth. Social Knowledge Community This early retirement and financial independence community is a member of the Social Knowledge network, a group of high quality forum communities. About Us This community was started in as an alternative to a then fee only Motley Fool.