Put aside the homophilism and the jargon, both of which are a bit strong, and what s left is a fascinating and eye-opening book about a topic much. Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature. Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe. with additional contributors. New York and. Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature is a collection of essays edited by Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe and published in by New.

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Culture, History, and Literature is a collection of essays edited by Stephen O.

The editors argued that students of the Middle East who originated from all countries have avoided giving attention to homosexual acts, so therefore they had the book made to give attention to the practices. Didi Khayatt of York University stated her belief that “the authors’ need to find Islamic homosexualities either similar to or different from Western notions of corresponding sexual practices is in line with the very critique they want to avoid.

Caton of the New School for Social Research argued that “Eurocentrism” was not properly used, since the word should refer to a view that Europe is central to the world, and that it may be Eurocentric to look for LGBT sexualities of the European style in the Islamic world.


Dunne stated that this book was aimed at both academic and general audiences. The editors co-wrote the introduction and conclusion.

Islamic Homosexualities

Time periods discussed in the essays range from pre-Islamic period to present. Some of the contributors originate from Islamic countries, [4] and the authors included three Pakistanis.

Dunne argued that the essays “are wide-ranging, prodigiously informative and bibliographically rich.

Stevenson of Ball State University wrote that the depth, length, and quality of the chapters varies and “Some read like fragments of what should have been a larger, more integrated work. Introduction to Islamic Homosexualities. Murray wrote “The Will Not to Know: Islamic Accommodations of Male Homosexualities,” Chapter 2. Literary Studies” covers Islamic law and mystical literature in addition loterature tropes from Medieval-era Turkey and Iran.

Islamic Homosexualities – Wikipedia

Chapter 12, literzture Balkan Sworn Virgin: Part IV consists of seven anthropological studies discussing the perception of same sex activity by those who conduct same sex activity. Pakistani Male Prostitutes” by Mutjaba, Chapter Conclusion, by Murray and Roscoe.


litsrature Khayatt concluded that “Overall[ He argued that “Even without such theoretical discussion, anyone interested in the study of human sexual desire will find something of use in Islamic Homosexualities. Dunne argued that the book’s weaknesses were an over-reliance on travel accounts from Westerners and translated texts ajd some factual errors; he also argued that “few, if any” authors “appear” to have formal expertise with the Middle East, even though several had a strong interest in the Middle East.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Culture, History and Literature” book review. Anthropological QuarterlyJuly,Vol. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

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