UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL CODE LIST FOR UR Brand/Device. TV. VCR. AUX. SAT. Vivanco GmbH, Ewige Weide 15, D Ahrensburg, Fax. Universal Remote. Code Book Page 2. CENTURION. CENTURY. A. CGE. ACER. Magnavox | MVRMG – Vcr Hifi | deutsch – heitech mitgeliefert), die Sie Bedienungsanleitung finden bitte selbst in den daf├╝r Sie eine Liste Beispiel: Programmieren Fernbedienung 2) Die auf Kontrollleuchte Sie sich Falls nun.

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How do I connect a universal remote control to my television? To connect your universal remote control, you need the model number and brand name of both the remote control and the television.

There is a list of codes for brands and model numbers in the manual of the universalfernbeidenung control. This was helpful What is the average range of an infrared remote control?

HEITECH HT 0018 Operating Instructions Manual

An average infrared remote control had a range of around 3 to 6 meters. Also, the further away the device is, the harder it will be to aim. This was helpful 2.

A battery in my device is oxidized, can I still safely use it? Ja, the device can still be safely used. Firstly, remove the oxidizd battery.

Never use bare hands to do this.

Universal IR remote control – Heitech Promotion GmbH

Then clean the battery compartment with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar or lemon juice. Let it dry and insert new batteries.

  KONI 8610 PDF

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