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The long-lasting fame of Benjamin Franklin rests principally on his characteristics as a scientist and a philosopher of the Enlightenment. This article raises the question of Franklin ‘s conception of time and exa Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Through the combined use of infrared IR absorption spectroscopy and attenuated total reflectance ATR delani, the composition of inks used to print the many different types of one-cent Benjamin Franklin stamps of the 19th century has been established.

This information permits a historical evaluation of the formulations used at various times, and also facilitates the differentiation of the various stamps from each other.

Bombardejos atòmics d’Hiroshima i Nagasaki

In two instances, the ink composition permits the unambiguous identification of stamps whose appearance is identical, and which until now have only been differentiated through estimates of the degree of hardness or softness of the stamp paper, or through the presence or absence of a watermark in the paper. In these instances, the use of ATR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy FT-IR spectroscopy effectively renders irrelevant two year-old practices of stamp identification.

Furthermore, since the use of ATR sampling makes it possible to obtain the spectrum of a stamp still attached to its cover, it is no longer necessary to identify these blue Franklin stamps using their cancellation dates. Benjamin Franklin was entrepreneur, statesman, supporter of the public good as well as inventor, and his most significant invention was the University of Pennsylvania PENN. Franklin outlined his plans for a college providing practical and classical instruction to prepare youth for real-world pursuits in his ‘Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pensilvania’and Franklin ‘s spirit of learning to serve society guides PENN to the present day.

This is evidenced by the series of articles in this special issue of Neurosignals, describing research conducted by seasoned and newly recruited PENN faculty, addressing consequences of the longevity revolution which defines our epoch at the dawn of this millennium. While aging affects all organ systems, the nervous podr is most critical to successful aging. Thus, the articles in this special issue of Neurosignals focus on research at PENN that is designed to prevent ls ameliorate aging-related neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia.

This research maca enhance our chances of aging successfully in the continuing longevity lw, and wl essay here provides context and background on this research.

Draw the lightning down Benjamin Franklin and electrical technology in the age of enlightenment. Most of us know–at least we’ve heard–that Benjamin Franklin conducted some kind of electrical experiment with a kite. What few velano us realize–and what this book makes powerfully clear–is that Franklin played a major role in laying the foundations of modern electrical science and technology. This fast-paced book, rich with historical details and anecdotes, brings to life Franklinthe large international network of scientists and inventors in which he played a key role, and their amazing inventions.

We learn what these early pocer devices–from lights and motors to musical and medical i. Benjamin Franklin ‘s risk factors for gout and stones: Benjamin Franklin ‘s medical history shows that he suffered from repeated attacks of gout and a large bladder stone.

These conditions caused him considerable pain, markedly decreased magca mobility, and likely contributed in indirect ways to his decline and eventual death from a pooder disorder. This article examines Franklin ‘s risk factors for gout and stones, both as Franklin understood them and as we know them today. Significantly, both of these disorders are associated with high blood levels of uric acid, a poded by-product.


Franklin ‘s dd factors included his gender, genetics, diet, drinking, advanced age, psoriasis, and exposure to lead. Although it is maeca to assign a weight to each of these factors, it can be shown that a number of factors, each capable of raising uric acid levels, converged and conspired against him.

The electrical induction of seizures with a frxnk aim began inbut the history of electric currents to relieve mental illness began 2 centuries earlier with the pioneering work of the Italian Giovanni Aldini and the American Benjamin Franklin. These early experiments are described This history emphasizes the unique contribution in the induction of grand mal seizures as the therapeutic basis rather than the role of electricity alone Benjamin Franklin This paper offers reflections on the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary, which took place from to The main exhibition travelled to Franceclearly as part of an attempt to patch up relationships between the two countries in the wake of the Iraq war controversy.

The main focus in this Franco-American commemoration was on transatlantic diplomacy and collaboration, delao really on Franklin in his multiple capacities, in his time and country of birth. Most of the papers are presented here.

printed benjamin franklin: Topics by

Benjamin Franklin Peery Jr. His full life began in St. His father was a railway mail clerk, so his family moved frequently. Most of his childhood was spent in southeastern Minnesota. He enlisted in the army inand served in campaigns in North Africa and Italy. After his discharge inhe enrolled in the University of Minnesota, earning a BS in Physics in One of his early hobbies was to build and fly model airplanes.

His intention to pursue aeronautical engineering changed to physics, but after receiving a MS in physics from Fisk University inhe decided on a career in astronomy. He told the editors of the PBS series The Astronomersin which his career is highlighted he thought it was shamefully absurd not to know what made the stars shine. His dissertation was on the complex eclipsing binary VV Cephei, where a compact hot star passes behind a cool giant star, revealing the structure of that giant’s atmosphere.

This task was especially demanding because of the complexity of the system’s spectrum and the formidable array of observations assembled by Ben’s advisor, Dean McLaughlin.

Fortunately, Ben’s strong physics background enabled him to design and construct one of the first oscilloscope measuring engines, which his fellow students called the PeeryScope.

The final dissertation is an impressive combination of observational and astrophysical analysis. His degree was ,arca in ; pder had already begun a career at the University of Indiana, where he taught and did research The Indiana years were highly productive.

In addition to his own research, he was advisor on six PhD dissertations, and a master’s thesis. Several of his students have also had productive careers. An ADS search on his students’ names.

Virtude, trabalho e riqueza: Full Text Available [english] Objective: Since then, seven teams from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have been competing against each other every year. Five medical students per team match up in paper cases, diagnosis of medical images, multiple choice tests, and practical skills.

All participants of the 11th Benjamin Franklin Contest were asked about their motivation, preparation strategy, and experience with the contest. We show that improvement of medical knowledge is one of the key motivating factors behind participation in the competition. The teams were trained by self-study, tutorials, and learning groups. Remarkably, students invested The Benjamin Franklin Contest is an innovative approach to facilitate self-directed learning and develope medical competencies.


Anlass war damals der Dazu wurden alle Teilnehmenden des BFC mittels eines selbst entwickelten Fragebogens. Benjamin Franklin a Jay Gatsby: The thesis focuses on Benjamin Franklinas he is portrayed in his Autobiography, and Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, who are connected not only by being self-made men. Firstly, they are both symbolical figures that made a powerful commentary on a lq, on the country and on its core myth – the American Dream.

Secondly, they are linked by Fitzgerald himself since his hero creates a schedule and a table of general resolves which clearly imitate Franklin ‘s schedu This paper relies on scholarship produced over the last decades to take stock of the role of Benjamin Franklin as founding father pa American diplomacy.

Blending personal charm with an inborn talent for communication and… manipulation, Franklin easily managed recognition as the main negotiating partner of a Court whose understandable.

Ben Franklin ‘s Scientific Amusements. As an American icon, Benjamin Franklin is often portrayed as wise and canny in business and politics, earnestly pursuing and pa diligence, sensible conduct, pragmatism, and good works.


ffank Also legendary are some of his inventions, particularly poddr lightning rod, bifocals, and an efficient wood-burning stove. The iconic image is misleading in major respects.

Today, surprisingly few people appreciate that, in the 18th century, Franklin was greatly esteemed throughout Europe as a scientist termed then a “natural philosopher. By his own account, Franklin ‘s studies of electricity and many other phenomena were prompted not by practical aims, but by his playful curiosity–which often became obsessive.

Also not generally appreciated is the importance of Franklin ‘s scientific reputation e enhancing his efforts to obtain French support for the American Revolution. Tolkning af alle 33 kapitler i Benjamins bybarndomserindringer fra Berlin i begyndelsen af det Reading and Not- Printing: Obstruction at the Crater Press. Full Text Available I will begin this paper with a pode and partial history of American printingdetecting a shared predilection for a noticeably maverick relation to the printed page in the works printed and otherwise of Samuel Keimer and Benjamin Franklin during the colonial period, and the works of Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain in the nineteenth-century.

IV Kochi graafikatriennaalil Jaapanis VIII avati Pkder Dialektisk billede af Benjamin. Benjaminleitor de Kierkegaard. Eestist dflano veel Reti Saks ja Kelli Valk. Interview with Christine Franklin. This interview took place via email on August 16, October 9, Franklin Medal and Bower prize awarded to C. On the Yang-Mills gauge field theory. Yang was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal and Bower Prize mainly for his fundamental work on nonabelian gauge field theory.

A brief introduction to this theory and its important role in the development of physics is given. The controversy over the nature of electricity, conducted in the middle of the eighteenth century by Jean Antoine Nollet and supporters of Benjamin Franklinis used to investigate the extent to which Catholic and Protestant faith played a role in discourse in the realm of natural philosophy. Catholic Nollet and Protestant Franklin shared a number of attributes, but the delight in controversy was not one of them.

A Propaedeutic to Walter Benjamin. One such idea is the following: Just a few short years ago, Franklin Elementary in Glendale, California, was in danger of closing its doors because enrollment was so low.

The school district decided to put into place a series of language immersion programs at the site. It currently houses Spanish, Italian, and German immersion programs.