Daslight Virtual Controller 2 – – Copyright Daslight, all rights reserved .. 1 CD-ROM with software tools for lighting control and user manual. Daslight and Sunlite software with one interface . ESA 2, 12 Dec , Manuals EN FR, 30 days free period (express mode) 1 year licence from $ Daslight DPAD Gold, stand alone Glass Pad GOLD Stand alone wall mounted DMX Delivered with a USB cable and installation CDROM including user manual.

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Optional software, 30 days free licence, More DMX channels You must create a DmxSoft account and register your interface.

Daslight virtual controller 2 gold software dmx 512 manual

Order 50 packages for only USD 3. Add the product to your website 4. Your company will be displayed on www. Top Software Marketing Distributors Online store. Easy Stand Alone 1.


Worldwide distribution and one year warranty Available from the biggest distributors and webstores. Try any software for 30 days free Compare all the software and select the one you prefer. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android The world’s most attractive DMX controller.

Transform your computer to a professional lighting controller!

DVC 4 Manual PDF –

Daslight and Sunlite software with one interface. Mac software is available as an upgrade. With a library of more than fixture profiles, you can easily patch any fixture into the software and control within just a few minutes.

Create your own profiles using the included Scan Library editor. High quality product at low-cost price. SUSHI is a simple and high quality product. The concept has been designed by worldwide engineers and managers.

Worldwide distribution and one year warranty. Our group has 30 years experience in lighting control, our packages are available in many countries.

And with the one year licenses, you pay less!


Try any daslighr for 30 days free. Enjoy 30 days free with all optional software. You can test and compare all software before deciding. With this exclusive DmxSoft service there are no surprises, you can choose and purchase the perfect software for you.

Upgrade maual number of DMX channels up to The number of channels can be upgraded up to directly from our webstore. How to become an official distributor?