Os condrictios (Chondrichthyes, do grego χονδρος chóndros, “cartilaxe”, e ιχθύς ichthýs, “peixe”) ou peixes cartilaxinosos son unha clase de vertebrados. Los peces cartilaginosos o condrictios comprenden unas especies de peces incluyendo tiburones, rayas y quimeras. Su característica principal es su. PECES CARTILAGINOSOS CONDRICTIOS CARACTERISTICAS GENERALES – Poseen mandíbulas y esqueleto cartilaginoso. – Cráneo de.

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The new record of Cartiaginosos sp. Cartilaginous fishes, Weddellian Province, Southernmost Chile. Los nuevos registros de Paraorthacodus sp. Peces cartilaginosos, Provincia Weddelliana, Extremo sur de Chile. Localities and Geologic Setting.

Sierra Dorotea, Puerto Natales. Map indicating the two localities where the studied material was recovered. Stratigraphic section of the upper part of Sierra Dorotea.

Small numbers on each peeces follows the general description by Hunickenin Hoffstetter et al. Morphologic criteria for identifying taxa were mostly based on Cappetta Striatolamia macrota Agassiz, Fig. Palaeohypotodus rutoti Winkler; H. Scale bar equals 10 mm. Carcharias taurus Rafinesque, The studied teeth are similar to those referred to C.

Although teeth acrtilaginosos Carcharias spp. Late Paleocene of Belgium.

| Fundación colombiana para la investigación y conservación de tiburones y rayas.

Squalus weltoni Long, La Meseta Formation, late Pecee. Squalid sharks have been reported in the WBP. Megascyliorhinus cooperi Cappetta and Ward, Upper levels of the Loreto Formation, Priabonian. Pristis cirratus Latham, One isolated rostral spine. Same in axial view. Rio de Las Minas, Punta. One complete central plate.


For diagnosis, see Cappetta Family Myliobatidae Bonaparte, One fragment of medial tooth. Callorhinchus callorhynchus Linnaeus,Recent. One isolated mandibular plate.


Cartilavinosos diagnosis of the genus Callorhinchussee Kriwet and Gazdzicki Sources of information from KriwetOtero et al. The new records described here allow complementing the distribution of S. In addition, Rhinoptera sp. The presence of Megascyliorhinus sp.

On the other condroctios, the presence of Paraorthacodus sp. The genus is well-known in the Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene with a widespread distribution Cappetta, Cione, personal communication in Reguero et al. The additional specimens here referred to Callorhinchus sp. The new record of Pristiophorus sp. The studied material includes the first record of Megascyliorhinus sp.

On the other hand, it is described the first occurrence of Striatolamia macrotaPalaeohypotodus rutotiCarcharias sp. Especial thanks to J. Recherches sur cartilaginosod poissons fossils.

Anexo:Peces cartilaginosos de Canarias

System der rezenten und fossilen Fischartigen und Fische. Deustch Verlag der Wissenschaften: Enumeratio specierum piscium hucusque in Archipelago indico observatarum.

Nuovi Annali di Scienze Naturali 1: Mesozoic and Cenozoic Elasmobranchii Schultze, H. Chondrichthyes Mesozoic and Cenozoic Elasmobranchii: P; editorVol. A new Eocene shark from the London Clay of Essex.

Stratigraphy of Late Cretaceous. Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Carrilaginosos Orogen in Chile. Interrelationships of living elasmobranchs. Phyletic relationships of living sharks and rays. Genera and families of the Chimaeroids. Analytical synopsis of the Order of Squali and revision of the nomenclature of the genera. O tempakh evolyutsii lamnoidnykh akul. Akuly paleogena i ikh stratigraficheskoe znachenie.


Journal of Paleontology 65 1: Vertebrata Craniata First fascicle: In Lexique Stratigraphique International.

The fishes of North and Middle America. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25 1: New Eocene Antarctic chimeroid fish Holocephali, Chimaeriformes. Histoire naturelle de poissons vol. An essay on the various species of Sawfish.

Andean Geology 37 2: Ueber die Gattungen der Plagiostomen. Systematische Beschreibung der Plagiostomen. Studies on edestids ad the works of A. Andean Geology 39 1: Journal of South American Earth Sciences A classification of the selachian fishes.

Eocene birds from the western margin of southernmost South America. Journal of Paleontology Tertiary Research condrictiios 1: March 23, ; available online: Localities and Geologic Setting 2. Family Myliobatidae Bonaparte, Myliobatidae indet. Conclusions The studied material includes the first record condgictios Megascyliorhinus sp.