COMMISSIONER FIELDBOOK FOR UNIT SERVICE Changes in This Printing (As of February )There have been some changes and. Find great deals for Boy Scouts of America Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service – Boy Scouts of Read more about leaders, commissioners, scouting, chartered, charter and leadership.

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Visit the commissioner website for resources: The First Years Your Commissioner Fieldbook As a Commissioner. The purpose of this fieldbook is to provide a resource of As a commissioner, your role is different from that ofpractical, usable information, simply stated and readily adapt- other Scouters.

The insignia you wear displays a wreath aroundable. Make good use of tered organizations in the operation of Cub Scout packs, Boyyour fieldbook as you add to the BSA heritage of good service to Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.

The fieldbook is designed as a reference to fit into a stan-dard notebook. As you and your commissioner leaders or coach Following are companion publications for unitreview the Commissioner Fieldbook, discuss any modifications of commissioners: The fieldbook allows your commis- Magazines Departmentsioner service to be flexible in method while remaining firm inpurpose and principle.

In a way, thisorientation is a graphic table of contents for the fieldbook. Ask Chartered organizations have three principal responsibilities: The mission of the BSA is to prepare young people to make of America. They include religious institutions; PTAs;service clubs; civic organizations; farm groups; fraternal organiza- service.

The order in which the functions are listed is not meanttions; groups of citizens; schools; and business, industrial, trade,and professional organizations. The Boy Scouts of America enters to suggest the order of their importance, THE COUNCILinto a unique working association with a community organiza- but the natural interrelationship andtion that adopts the program and is chartered to operate its tradi- flow of the functions.

If one function How the Council Functions totional Scouting units packs, troops, teams, and crews. Carry Out the Purpose of the BSA suffers from lack of attention, all the work of the council suffers.

Unit service, of course, is what commissioner service is all about. How a council operates is described in the booklet, The Council. Traditional Unit Organization Commissioner Service Unit organization begins with the chartered organization and There is only one council service to a unit that is constant—extends the program of Scouting to youth in Cub Scout packs, and that is the friendly personal help given by the unit commis-Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.

This person must be available to offer advice, program suggestions, and to support unit leaders. This Commissioner The chartered organization appoints a chartered organiza- Fieldbook explains how the commissioner does it. The organizationselects a unit committee which screens, selects, and supports unitleaders to work directly with youth.

How a district operates is describedin the manual, The District. District Committee Commissioner Contacts The district committee is composed of several operating There should be a meaningful contact between you and thecommittees that may be called upon to provide specialized adult personnel of each of your assigned units as often as neces-advancement or camping help for units, organize new units, sary but at least monthly. These contacts help you to know thetrain leaders, and conduct events such as camporees.


How Districts Operate, which is System, which is covered later in this publication. This DVD also contains several other training audiovi- Reregister Unitssuals in support of commissioner service and district operations. On-time annual renewal for all packs, troops, teams, andYour Mission crews is the goal of a good commissioner staff.

This can be done through Internet rechartering or through the traditional paper As a commissioner, you provide units with meaningful service method. Your mission is to The charter review meeting and charter presentation high-help units succeed.


Leader Recognition People who work directly with youth are the most important adults in Scouting. Find ways frequently to recognize ccommissioner for their good work. Quick action is needed for such priorities as: You may access the training by creating or using your existing Good evaluation records show the condition of your units MyScouting account. If you do not have internet access, get with your commissioner coach and take the Fast Start course with him or her at your earliest convenience.

This course will give you some basic information on what the role of a unit commissioner is and how to carry out your responsibilities to better serve the units you have been assigned.

Have your district commissioner or assistant districttrict commissioner or assistant district commissioner: Create a personal My Scouting account by going to www. Then log in to the E-Learning 8. With your district commissioner or assistant district Center and take the Unit Commissioner Fast Start commissioner, visit a unit meeting or unit committee course.

If you do not have access to the Internet, get meeting for each of your assigned units. Have your district commissioner or assistant district commissioner review a basic kit of materials to help you 2. Helping Units Succeed, and read about the role of the unit commissioner later in this manual or in Be sure you have been registered as a commissioner.

Commissioners must not be registered unit leaders. Exchange phone numbers with each of your unit leaders as well as your district and assistant 4.

Fill in your personal calendar and Commissioner Pro- district commissioners. Confirm the date for the next commissioner training opportunity. Go to the commissioner website at www. Study the unit rosters assigned to you and put them in your notebook. A commission will be presented to a new commissioner after he or shehas been properly oriented and has completed commissioner basic training.

Following is a brief comparison of the different phases of the Scouting program. A boy may become a Tiger Cub when he enters first 1. A boy may become a Boy Scout when he has com- 1. A young man may become a Varsity Scout in a Varsity 1. Young men and women may become Venturers when grade or is age 7. A boy may become a Cub Scout pleted the fifth grade or has earned the Arrow of Light Scout team when he is 14 years old 13 if he is in a they are 13 years old and have completed the eighth when he has completed the first grade or is 8 years Award, or is 11 years old.

He also must be at least 10 troop. He may remain a Varsity Scout until his 18th grade or are 14 years old. A Venturer registered in old. He may become a Webelos Scout when he has years old, but younger than 18 years old. Cub Scout activities are centered in the home and 2. Varsity Scout activities are related to service, Scout 2. Venturing activities appeal to the ever-changing inter- community. The major character influence comes from sharing 3.


Boy Scouting includes the influence of good adult role 3. Varsity Scouting has five program fields of emphasis, 3. Crew members want to test themselves in adult situ- experiences with his family, den buddies, and pack models, plus the experiences of participating in patrol with a youth program manager and an adult program ations.

The Tiger Cub and the second- and third-grade Cub 4. A Boy Scout meets his requirements for advancement 4. A Varsity Scout has an individual plan of progress lead- 4. Venturers widen their horizons in fields of special Scout submits his achievements to his parents for within his troop.

He also can earn the interest, working with consultants who give technical credit toward his advancement. The Commisioner Scout Varsity Scout letter. The Cubmaster provides leadership to parents, den 5. The Scoutmaster leads Boy Scouts, acting through the 5. The Varsity Scout Coach is the adult leader, working 5.

The Advisor leads through elected officers and com- leaders, and den chiefs and, through them, to Cub senior patrol leader and patrol leaders. The pack committee supervises the pack, coordinat- 6. The troop committee supervises the troop, coordi- 6.

The Varsity Scout team committee supervises the team, 6. The Venturing crew committee supervises the crew, ing the policies of the chartered organization and nating the policies of the chartered organization and coordinating the policies clmmissioner the chartered organization coordinating the policies of the chartered organization Scouting.

Tiger Cubs and Cub Scouts meet in dens varying from 7. Natural groups of Boy Scouts function in patrols during 7. Varsity Scouts function in squads in Varsity Scout 7. Venturers function as a Venturing crew or Sea once each week to every other week. Webelos Scouts the troop meeting and in other activities.


Scout ship under the leadership of youth officers, with often meet in the early evening or on Saturday. Den leaders and Boy Scouts serving as den chiefs lead 8. Youth as patrol leaders lead patrol activities. The team program is carried out under the leadership 8.

Activities are carried out through youth committees, weekly meetings. The pack meets once each month with Cub Scouts and 9. The Varsity Scout team meets weekly, alternating 9. The crew holds at least three activities a month, two9 parents present.

A Roles the Commissioner Playsunit is the basic structure operated by a chartered organiza-tion to deliver the program of the Boy Scouts of America to A commissioner plays several roles, including being a friend,youth mebers.

It is important that the chartered a coach. The commissioner is a friend of the unit.