John W. Lainhart IV, CISA, CISM, IBM, USA. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. 1 . The COBIT control framework contributes to these needs by: • Making a link to the. COBIT has become the integrator for IT best practices and the umbrella framework for IT governance, because it is harmonized with other standards and . COBIT is an IT governance framework and toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks.

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The IT Skeptic is on: Rob England is the IT Skeptic. Belief is like a red helium balloon.

You can’t bear to let go of it. But letting go is easy, and once you do it floats away and you wonder why you ever held it. Work, politics, race, religion The world changes, beliefs don’t. This book is about how to run services, in any organisation, in any industry.

It describes the basics, the g4.1 stuff, in realistic pragmatic terms.

And it is pragmatically brief – we kept it to 50 paperback pages. This is the final paper in a long-awaited series that answer the question left unanswered by the ITIL V3 books – how does ITIL relate to the standards and frameworks around it?

COBIT – Wikipedia

Those of you who ftamework Rob Stroud’s blog quite a few if his page rank of 5 is anything to go by picked up this news back in early August. This is odd because it is at least as important as the ISO paper. More likely though it is because the paper once again reiterates just how much more complete COBIT is as a framework [although ITIL has advanced since Version 2 ], and more rigorouseven if ITIL does have a bit more meat on the bones not as big a difference as people think.

There are 17 – too many to list. If you want to see rramework details, buy the paper. Some organisations amply return the membership fee. COBIT is a collection of control objectives – something which a group of experts tells you that you have to do in order to offer sufficient assurance to the stakeholders that your IT does a good job.

Maybe improper said, is like the dash bord of my car, telling me if all runs ok without knowing all the details of operation of a Diesel engine. COBIT Control Practices free for members for download is trying to give guidance in how to do it, this is probably you talking about, going step by step through detailing what did they meant through those control objectives.

You have to admit that is not frameqork you that guidance in a logical fasion as ITIL is giving to you, much more mapped onto the IT engineer mind as mine. Keep in mind if you want to cascade that info down to all IT peoples in organization, you have to go back to ITIL or either invent something.


ITIL guidance I can relate it more to real IT life of course with limits you have discussed much better into various postings, my favorite the Service Strategy. Dramework back to the list of processes you have mention, I will pick up 2 of them, to comment, PO07 and PO What is the point of implementing PO07 in an IT organization?

I never heard till now about an IT managing their IT human resources!! I always been at the mercy of an HR department with their own corporate rules. And PO10 you have to admit is nowhere a project management methodology. I would rather reiterate that both can work very well toghether completing each other. On the beginning of August I wrote a small post about this mapping in my blog, but this is a Spanish blog so I have a few visitors there.

The post, translated by the infernal Google translation machine is here: In my opinion, what you have described about Cobit is only rfamework Control Objectives definition the big and known bookbut Cobit is a set of books exactly as the L in ITIL says and we can find tons of guidance there.

But for those aspects covered by both frameworks, they covit each other and it is a good idea to use both guidances and a big piece of common c4.1 to filter.

I do mention the assurance guide. The COBIT suite of publications as compared to just the framework has great depth, growing all the time. PO07 talks about motivating staff, ensuring they get training, framweork matching them to roles and responsibilites.

Not things I would like to abdicate to the HR department who i ahve to admit our frameworm least favourite people in most organisations ;- A major failing of IT departments is not putting the effort into real management cohit.

Actually, where ITIL says that a service should be fit for use and fit for purpose, I’d say that CobiT adds the prerequisites for a ‘fit for governance’. Without using that phrase specificly, CobiT does fill in the steering of the two governance components also described in ISO I recently did an article about this with a colleague.

It is in Dutch feamework on the website of the Dutch magazine ‘Computable’.

The ITIL V3 – COBIT V4.1 mapping white paper is available and no wonder noone is saying much

You can find it on http: You have confirmed that COBIT is just what you have to do; PO07 I mentioned in the context that in my experience I ffamework seen an IT department taking full ownership of what is in there – that is in my opinion the reason of a lot of issues you have mentioned, because somedody else HR is claming that they do when in fact doesn’t happen.

  IEC 664-1 PDF

A lot of frsmework items in there are not applicable in practice, similar with your opinion on CMDB.

Just notice DS2 and DS4 are downgraded!! DevopsDays Wellington, November Agile Vietnam, Hanoi, 18th November. AllDay DevOps17th October. Useful stuff I have been producing: Want the IT Skeptic to speak at your online or real-world event? You may have noticed Google and Amazon ads on the site, as well as ads for my books and merchandise.

I make money off them, but sod all. At least it covers the hosting with a bit left over.

Skip to Main Content Area. Lively up your online or real-world event with The IT Skeptic. Please recommend this blog. Share this post with. View the discussion thread. Comments Submitted by coco not verified on Tue, Submitted by avallesalas on Tue, Don’t agree, coco Hello Coco: Submitted by skeptic on Tue, Submitted by JamesFinister on Tue, PO7 and PO10 PO07 ccobit about motivating staff, ensuring they get training, and matching them to roles and responsibilites.

PO10 is not a project methodology, it is about ensuring the right methodologies are used. Submitted by Michiel on Tue, Submitted by coco on Wed, You have confirmed that COBIT is just what you have to do; PO07 I mentioned in the context that in my experience I never seen an IT department taking full ownership of what is in there – that is in my opinion the reason of a lot of issues you have mentioned, because somedody else HR is claming that they do when in fact doesn’t happen skeptik: Meet the IT Skeptic Enter your search terms Web itskeptic.

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