Barsaive in Chaos is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn Second Edition. It details six significant events that span the year after the fall of Vivane, outlining an. Has anyone ever GMed or Played through all the Earthdawn EPIC campaign arc books? I’m using ideas through all of them Here’s the way. Barsaive in Chaos Publication information Publisher Living Room Games Publication date ISBN Language English.

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We are dragons, the first and most ancient Name-givers, the only ones to Name ourselves. Ours is a heritage of magic, power, and prestige, but it is also a heavy burden of responsibility and guilt– yes, guilt for what we in chaod ‘wisdom’ allowed to happen.

In our pride and arrogance, we forever changed the fate of the world. That baarsaive a fact. We cannot change what is done, we can only change what happens next. Inside, the Great Dragons of Barsaive are detailed, as well as other influential adult dragons. The Book of Dragons contains all the rules necessary for including dragons, in all their might and majesty, as well as dragon-like creatures in your Earthdawn campaign.

The landing of the Theran behemoth atop the Ayodhya Liferock was like a thrown gauntlet to the nations of Barsaive. Now, the Dwarf kingdom of Throal picks up that gauntlet, barsaie attempts to gather the forces of Barsaive in a climactic struggle for independence from Thera.

Barsaive in Chaos (2002, Book, Other)

Barsaive at War is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn. It introduces eight significant events, which outline an epic-style campaign. Each of the events can also stand alone, to form mini-campaigns.


Taken together, the characters are placed in the center of a story that changes the face of Barsaive, and its future, forever. Barsaive at War is intended for characters Fourth Circle and above, of any Discipline.

Barsaivw power of the Theran empire, once so prominent in Barsaive, has been greatly diminished. With the fall of Vivane, the balance of power has tilted, but the peace that should have followed such a monumental victory is threatened even before it can be born.

Great forces were revealed and brought to bear during the Second Battle of Sky Point, and the aftermath still shakes the very foundation of Barsaive. Barsaive in Chaos is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn Second Edition. It details six significant events that span the year after the fall of Vivane, outlining an epic-style campaign. Each event can also stand alone to form a mini-campaign, and they can be used in any combination.

Barsaive in Chaos | RPG Item | RPGGeek

When these events are linked, the characters are placed in the center of a battle for Barsaive’s social and political stability. Barsaive in Chaos is intended for characters of Second Circle and above, barsaivve any Discipline. It also includes an extensive bestiary of Undead. Adepts are the heroes and legends of Earthdawn, fighting to reclaim their Scourge-ravaged land barsaivd the magic they wield.

Some of these Adepts find their path defined by conflict and blood, a path known to some as the Way of War.


Archers use their power to master the art of the missile weapon. Cavalrymen use their empathic bond with their mount to become fearsome fighters.

Sky Raiders harness their magic to help them harsaive the skies of Barsaive. Swordmasters are quick with both their well-handled weapons and their dangerous wit.

Source:Barsaive in Chaos | Earthdawn Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Warriors use their talents to become the personifications of war. And the Zhan Shi introduces mastery of unarmed combat from distant Cathay. Makers of Legend Vol. This book describes these five Disciplines from bzrsaive point of view of four different Adepts, and introduces a new Discipline, the Zhan Shi.

Way of Im also includes new talent knacks and new rules for using the Disciplines in Earthdawn adventures. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy barsajve improve your experience. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it’s worth. The book of dragons has a dented bottom cover, otherwise all books are new and mint condition.

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