Angelica Zambrano Testimony Tagalog Version Full Angelica Zambrano was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ this is her video. Angelica Zambrano TESTIMONY (Tagalog version) Pinakita mismo sa kanya ang. The name of the little girl who have testimonial of heaven and hell is Click here to Watch Angelica Zambrano Testimony Tagalog Version.

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She was shown the beauty of Heaven and also many people who ended their lives in the everlasting torments of Hell because of various sins. The ministers and brethren were all yestimony intercessory prayer during the experience. The first thing that occurred was that angels took her from her house to a heavenly viewpoint.

Look at all the churches and congregations of the earth. There is another with 10, members.

This other church has members. The Archangel Michael was the one speaking to me. The churches are filled with sin, there is so much sin in these churches. They will be tesimony behind because they are cold. Because of their sin. Because they are discouraged.

We are all called but we not only must be called, we must be chosen. Let me explain what takes place inside many of the churches.

There is very much religiosity. There is no loyalty to the word of God. Inside church, brothers and sisters happily praise the Lord. They rejoice, they dance and they speak in tongues. But when they get home they are completely different.

They act like the devil festimony. This is what takes place. God does not want any of us to be left behind. Because few of the churches truly demonstrate the true love of Jesus. There were angels all around, then Jesus spoke to me, while the angels remained silent. To see how many people have backslid. Church, you must encourage the believers. Tell them to seek God, to reject hypocrisy. Listen to what the LORD told me.

Some anelica its love. Some think its faith. The forgotten commandment tgalog my church is Holiness. This is what the Lord says, we have to be holy inside and outside.


We must have a pure heart, a clean heart that is filled with His presence. A heart filled with His love. A heart filled with God. I could wish you were cold or hot. Therefore be zealous and repent. This experience was different from the other two experiences.

This time I did not travel to Heaven in the same manner as before. This time I instantly entered the Kingdom of Heaven.

When I looked around I realised I was wearing a beautiful white dress. I began to see the same places I had seen in my first experience such as flowers and a beautiful garden. When we passed the garden we arrived in a place that was filled with children. These children were about years old. They danced, played and sang.

Remember, only for those who open their hearts. Many of these children testiomny killed. The children worshipped the Lord and played on what appeared to me to be a swing set. As I approached them they got very close to me. Previously I liked children but sometimes I hated their behaviour, crying, whining or talking too much.

I just liked them testimoyn sit still. When you return to earth, you will be like honey to them. They will look for you and you will be a blessing testikony them. Do you zambrnao why God places this love in your heart for children?

God wants you to win their souls. There are many children in Hell. Many children in this generation are rebellious.

They do not obey their parents. Nowadays, children are being deceived by satan through the television. Most of the shows they watch do not edify in any way. The cartoons that come through TV are not educational, they are evil. Children are influenced by these shows and they become rebellious. They continually disobey their parents.

For these reasons children end up in Hell. I had great joy to see their happiness. When the angel told me that many of them had been aborted, it really hurt my heart. And you know what is sad? Many women have had abortions. Young and old, married and single. These women did not want their children. Sometimes the fathers would accompany them to the clinic. Those babies go to the presence of God. But the men and women of the earth become murderers.


The word of God says that no murderer shall enter the kingdom of Heaven Gal 5, Rev 21,8.

Angelica Zambrano 3rd Testimony of Heaven and Hell

If you have done this Repent today. If you do not repent and ask God for forgiveness this is what will take place on your day of judgment. They love you, they forgive you, but if you do not repent of that sin, you will go to Hell for eternity.

Inside of the churches this sin has been committed. Next we headed to where Jesus was, I was so happy. When he touched my hand I felt as if I was a newborn baby being touched by a loving Father.

As Jesus held my hand we began to descend towards a very dark place. I could see there were very large flames of fire. Hell has a heart? There are many pastors, evangelists, prophets, and apostles in this place. I felt I had already seen enough.

Angelica Zambrano 3rd Testimony of Heaven and Hell – Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

But we continued to along a path that was like a dark alley up to some bars that were like a gate. The gate opened and we entered. He must have known you on earth because angflica said you would show me people who once served you. I was shown his life on earth as a screen appeared before me. He angwlica partiality to people of different classes in My holy place.

Showing partiality is a sin. He restimony many times from the pulpit showing partiality. Showing partiality towards people of wealth, towards people who were upper class. Those people had money, but they did not fear My word. He showed partiality to those people who did not have Godly fear in their hearts. This Pastor never repented from showing partiality. Because of this sin, many people never came to me. This is why he is in this place. Take me out of this place.

Give me another chance!