Urban informality is a huge topic. Commented bibliography on urban informality: . COMMENT: This is Ananya Roy’s first book, based on her dissertation. Urban Informality: Transnational Perspectives from the Middle East, Latin and South Asia (Transnational Perspectives on Space and Place) [Ananya Roy] on. in this regard that urban informality, as situated in many Third World cities, .. Ananya Roy, Ahmed Soliman, and Oren Yiftachel and Haim Yakobi, takes up the.

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Urban informality is a huge topic. I have included an annotated bibliography on sources below. And, since I have opened up this site infodmality public access, I have moved direct links to articles to a password-protected page.

Ananya Roy on Informality

A brief introduction to the issue: Note that the law-makers, almost by definition, are the upper class in any city. Since the elite set the rules, they can declare when others break the rules. Immigration in the US is a vivid ananga The latter type is called informal. Since abouturban scholars have gone one step further: Commented bibliography on urban informality: Because of your interest in informality I have compiled a fairly long list.

I put it in chronological order because the scholarship really inforality build incrementally over 40 years.

John Turner was always a better activist than writer, but this was one of his best articles because here he focuses on concepts and analysis, not just rhetoric. Now it is difficult to find a abanya of this article. The myth of marginality: Urban poverty and politics in Rio de Janeiro. University of California Press.


Peter Ward has been doing great work in Texas for decades, often collaborating with other scholars. For example, informal housing is often professionally built by contractors. Secondly, informal housing is not necessarily owner-occupied. The invisible revolution in the Third World. Endorsed by world leaders including Nixon and Clinton.

Includes great fieldwork conducted by the ILD in Lima in the early s, but the take-away message is that poorer households are burdened with red tape, and the self-evident solution informalify to just cut the red tape—deregulate, formalize, and privatize.

De Soto does not mull over why there are so many barriers to formalization.

He does mention bigotry against indios, and mentions a bit of rent-seeking bureaucrats who want bribes. Planning as control of an ethnic minority. This article is not directly about urban informality, but it helped reorient how we think about the function of urban planning. If we accept that urban informality is produced by the urban regime, then planning infkrmality and practices are the specific instruments use for this process.

Neo-liberal violence s in the Argentine informakity. Auyero focuses on Argentina as Bayat does on Iran; and both speak to a larger audience and issue. Now, whole aananya are economically disconnected and treated as irrelevant. Graham, Stephen, and Simon Marvin. While Chadwick and then the Shaftesbury Report convinced wealthier urbanites to pay up and fund comprehensive urban networks, more recent technologies have made it possible to break that bargain.

Alas, this book is now rare and hard to find. I presented NGOs as problematic during class. Here is an optimistic portrayal of NGOs that are learning an alliance method of extending their reach and leverage.


Gender and the politics of poverty. University of Minnesota Press. Here she contributes three key concepts to informality-theory: Roy, Ananya, and Nezar AlSayyad.

Urban involution and the informal proletariat. For better or worse, this is the most famous article about urban informality for the general public.

Two years later Davis turned this into a best-selling book. This article, with the same name, covers all the main points he covers in the book. Thus, we are doomed!!

Urban informality

But seriously, he does a decent job of characterizing the concept of urban informality, and since this is one of the only texts ananga urban informality you might find in an airport bookstore, you have to seriously consider how it frames the overall debate. Fawaz, Mona, and Bishwapriya Sanyal.

Fawaz has begun to produce excellent research on Beirut and the urban role of Hezbollah. The builds on this two years later in a special hrban of Planning Theory.

Questions from and to planning theory. Above all else, she complicates the concept of urban regimes by showing how Hezbollah governs urbanization in south Beirut. The coming of Knformality Apartheid? Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Culture Feminization of labor Feminization of labor: General Intro Conceptualizing R R: Pie Chart output as lesson Quantify Segregation R: Bivariate relations Bivariate linear transforms R: Simple Linear Modeling R: