The Alcatel-Lucent Light Manager (LM) is a versatile, multi-reach DWDM platform that is the most competitive technology on the market to help networks. Example of Optical Supervisory Channel management in linear links. The Alcatel Light Manager ( LM in the following) is the new platform of . At Carritech, we stock a large number of Alcatel Light Manager (LM) parts. We are able to provide a full range of support services, including replacement.

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We are able to provide a full range of support services, including replacement parts and repair and refurbishment services. Please leave this ligjt empty.

Msnager in need of repair: The Alcatel LM provides a unique fully tunable and reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplex architecture, enabling operators to design, plan, and operate their networks with enhanced agility.


Wavelength services can be remotely provisioned end-to-end in minutes with no manual intervention, thus improving end-user experience and generating new value for the existing and addressable customer base.

The Alcatel LM incorporates wavelength selective switch WSS technology to perform wavelength rerouting in multiple directions or degrees within the network. In addition, its fully tunable architecture allows operators to terminate any wavelength in any given point of the network, as service interfaces can be colored from the network operations center NOC as necessary according to the specific wavelength.

Alcatel-Lucent 1626 LM Light Manager

If you are unable to find what you maanger looking for please contact us on sales carritech. Alcatel Light Manager LM. Parts Required Upload parts list I would like to receive offers and product information via email: Upload parts list Please leave this field empty.

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Alcatel Light Manager (LM)

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