A Arte do Sonhar (Em Portuguese do Brasil): Carlos Castaneda: Books – A Arte Do Sonhar (Em Portuguese do Brasil): Carlos Castaneda: Books – Carlos Castaneda – All Books In One – PDF Page 1 CARLOS CASTANEDA DİZİSİ: 12 CARLOS CASTANEDA . Carlos Castaneda – A Arte do Sonhar(pdf).

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Arte de sonhar : a revelação espiritual de um novo mundo

Futurology, cybernetics, tecno-primitivism, sci-fi, tecno-shamanism, anthropocene, ritual practices, onto-ficcion, interwriting, noise, pancinema, anarcheology, onirism, self-ficctionalisation, performance, experimental self-study, subjetivity, fantastical narrative. We shall start from the toxic mud: In the strategic scenario thinking of governments, riot police gets ready to deal with peoples who claim access to sources — open source.

We are in the mud and the mud is not a metaphor. By techno appropriation and invention of all orders: The course serves as a clinical treatment, based on ritualistic, theoretical and practical ecounters with the forces of telluric insurgency the insurgent human body in and with the earth.

How to create therapeutic treatments to remedy the toxic mud, the carbon imaginary, the floods and droughts of climate and thought? We think of the engineering of the future: We think of the urgency of metarecycling in the fields of fiction, and in the production of free cosmogonies. With the aim to create a ten-day working process which will then be presented to an audience in Rio de Janeiro.

Carlos Castaneda Books ( Free )

The course will be led by researchers of subjectivity, performance, film, electronics and music, which will be promoting a radical caelos process, based on the pressing issues that populate the social imaginary in regards to the anthropocene. The course has a theoretical, practical and technical basis and includes the construction of an experimental work process, which will take place on two main locations: As a way of completing the work developed over the 10 days of clinic practice, the course includes a public presentation of the working process in a format to be decided: Everything will depend on the formation of the group.


DAY 2 — Castanedda of the strucutre of the course, and individual presentations of the participants in sonhaf kucha format 5 minutes each.

DAY 3 — Experiments in performative languages, self-knowledge, inter-writing, gestural and narrative improv, fictionalization of personal stories. The course is offered to people over 15 years old, from anywhere in Brazil, Latin America and the world.


Transportation is the responsibility of each person. Minimum 10 and maximum 30 people. We offer two grants for persons who are interested but do not have the means to pay the course fee.

The grant covers the course fee only. Alos includes coffee, tea, water and banana. Lidice is located in the mountains of Angra dos Reis, two hours away from Rio de Janeiro. The course is offered to persons over 15 years old, from anywhere in BrazilLatin America and the world. Carpos 15 and maximum 30 people. Borges is an artist, psychologist and essayist.

Immersion at Capacete | Capacete

Research on art and technology, subjectivity, shamanism and immersive processes. Giseli Vasconcelos has handled programs with collectives, activists, thinkers and organizations in Brazil, for the past ten years. She lives between carloss US and Brazil experiencing a geographical journey of systems for sustainable living and geopolitical creative actions. Leandro Nerefuh is constructivist artist who works with the formal translation of speculative theories and historical narratives, with special interest in Latin America.


Marcelo Marssares is an artist who works with sound and image in their physical contact relationships — the sound as an activator of an calos vision, the sound field as an immersive possibility, music seen as vibratory surge of violent expansion.

The context and environment are factors that contribute to the creation of his performing, environmental and participatory proposals. Paola Barreto is an audiovisual artist and researcher. Her work unfolds between electronic sonhag digital video circuits, phantasmagoria and hybrid systems, and develops theoretical and practical research on live cinema and vitality of the image.

He writes mostly about crazyness, time, subjectivity and biopolitics. Among his publications are: He participated in the creation of the collective House of Digital Culture, the festival Low center and a number of actions related to critical appropriation of technology and free culture.

Understanding the noise and disruption of communication beyond intelligibility: Interescritures, cosmogonical production, mythical, sonhad, several ontologies, treaties, free association writing.

Free exercise of audiovisual grammar, cinemusic of light. From the construction of the device each develop their own apparatuswe will propose a series of drifts that enable spectral listening noise of the most diverse elements, from lights, appliances until antennae, plants, trees, water, etc. Name, document, address, contact details.

Send to the following email: